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Sep. 17th, 2019

I finished the other corset commission last week and shipped that off. This weekend I will probably start on the BB-8 baby dress commission, which is my last for a moment, though I will probably have some stuff for the caroling group to do in a couple weeks. 

But in the meantime, what I'm really excited about is starting my skirt for Disney World. I can't remember if I posted about it here yet, but I am making a light up skirt! I was going to do it on a black base, but I found this fabric at Joanns that is black cotton threads in one direction, woven with rainbow lame-ish threads on the cross-grain. I did a small test embroidery, and it embroiders fine *knock on wood*. I'm going to embroider Cinderella's castle, maybe the Partners statue or Tink, and a bunch of fireworks on it, and poke little holes through and put lights behind them. I found an inexpensive lightweight strand of LED color-changing lights on Amazon. I haven't figured out if it's best to sew them into the skirt, or to tape them in place - if anyone has any tips, please share!

I also figured out what I'm doing for Halloween. Between the commissions, theatre rehearsals/shows, and my Disney sewing, I have almost no time for Halloween sewing this year. But when I was at Goodwill on Sunday, I found a turquoise prom dress that fits me perfectly and was giving off major Ariel vibes. So I'm going to add puffed sleeves (I already have the fabric from past princess sewing), and I bought a red Ariel wig. Easy costume! 

Anyway, we open on Friday, and I work every day until then, so no new sewing will happen till Friday morning (and then only if I have the energy). I'm excited to get this show open, because then I can actually get to rehearsals for my next show! 
Time for my weekly check-in, I guess? As I anticipated, I didn't have enough time to finish the corset commission over the weekend, but darn it was close (which somehow makes it feel worse?). I literally started it Sunday morning, and by the time I had to leave for rehearsal that evening, all it needed was the zipper and binding. I did the zipper yesterday between work and rehearsal. I get off later from work today, though, so I don't know that I have time for the binding, especially since I'm making my own binding for this one. Which is too bad, because I'd really love to work on the hand-sewn side of the binding when I'm not being used at rehearsal. I'm sure that I'll get there by tomorrow night's rehearsal, though. 

Of course, I would have been able to finish it, had it not been for the 5 or so hours that I wasted attempting to fix my kitchen sink on Saturday. I discovered a leak in my pull down hose for the faucet on Friday, which is very easy to replace. All I needed was to turn off the water under the sink, purchase the correct hose, swap the two out, and turn the water back on. Except when I went to turn off the water on Friday night, the hot water wouldn't turn off. My faucet needed replacing. That is a slightly more difficult thing to replace, but still should be within my realm of capability, but it meant turning off the water at the street, so I decided I would do it Saturday. Except that it turns out it was installed incorrectly (either it was a push-fit valve that was pushed on too far, leaving no room for a removal tool, or it was a regular valve whose nut was completely stripped). So anyway, I wasted a couple of very frustrating hours attempting to get the stupid valve off before giving up, reattaching the hoses that were attached to it, and taking my pull-down hose to Lowes to match the part. Except Lowes doesn't sell those, and neither does Home Depot. You have to contact the manufacturer, who then sends you one in 5-7 business days. So I go home, call them (naturally they're closed on weekends) and reattach the hose, having wasted all of my Sat morning/afternoon. *Rant over*

Zip-lining was super fun, btw! I'm glad I got to make good use of that radio prize! 

Sep. 5th, 2019

I'm so bad about posting here when I'm not sewing. Though, actually, I did sew over the weekend. I finished one of the two corset commissions! I wanted to knock out the sequined one first because a) its due date was one week sooner, b) it's for a local customer, and c) I hate sequins, and wanted to get it out of the way. So anyway, that's done. I broke three serger needles before giving up on the serger, but those were the only casualties, and I think it came out nicely. (Picture from a few posts ago in my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ladyrebeccafashions/)

I'm hoping that I'll have at least some time to get going on the other corset commission this weekend, though I don't expect to finish it. Mostly because I'm going on an adventure tomorrow! Last summer I won two passes to go zip lining up on Camano island, and I basically ran out of time to use them, so tomorrow it is! I've never gone zip-lining before, so I'm a little nervous, but I think it will still be fun. Because it's about 2 hrs away (without traffic), I'm guessing it will take the entire day (especially if we wait out the traffic by having dinner up there) so I don't expect to accomplish anything else. 

I did get into the show I mentioned last time, by the way, so I am now rehearsing two shows at the same time (this week I had three rehearsals for one and two for the other, but the next two weeks will all be the one that opens in Sept). My brain is a bit scattered, but I'm excited. 

That said, being in two shows means that Halloween sewing is almost definitely not going to happen. Or at least, not to the level of either the Mary Poppins Returns bustle dress or an 1890s Ariel. I just found out one of my friends is hosting a Villains-themed Halloween party, though, so I think I am going to try to make something simpler-ish for that. Part of me would really love to do the Designer Disney doll of Ursula, but I'm only doing that if I have pre-ruffled fabric for the skirt, and they didn't have any in purple at Joanns. So otherwise, I'm thinking maybe Lady Tremaine, or one of the step-sisters, if I can convince someone to join me with the other one. 

 I have so not been feeling sewing this week. Which is kind of bad, since I have two commissions to work on. The fitting for the first one went well on Tuesday, but all I've managed to do since then was adjust the tiny bit that needed adjusting, and seam rip everything so I can use it to cut out the sequin (gag) layer. Not that I've cut it out or anything. 

I did build a vanity, though! I've been kind of wanting one for a while, and finally Thursday morning, I had a few extra mins before leaving for work, took some measurements in my room, and decided I was going to Ikea after work. And I had a nice time at ikea with two of my friends, and managed to get everything there except the desk top, which they were out of. However, they said it would be there the next day, so after work on Friday, I went back to Ikea to get it. Guess what's not there? Grr. They gave me a number that actually called their store (I couldn't find one online), so Saturday morning I called and they said they had 60 of them, so I was finally able to get my desktop, and I assembled everything except the mirror and lights before leaving for my friend's gorgeous wedding that night. Sunday, I finished the setup, and organized all my stuff into the drawers. I'm very pleased with it! It's so nice to have everything organized and in easy reach. Now all my regular makeup, random ipsy makeup, stage makeup, and spare makeup for when I run out of things is all easy to find, instead of scattered between various places in my bedroom, bathroom, and hall closet. Success!

For those who are curious, the vanity consists of the smallest Linnmon desktop, two of the cheapest grey legs that go with that, a navy Alex drawer system that was in the scratch and dent section (but with no flaws), the Eidsa mirror, a shelf and brackets from Lowes that goes along the wall on one end of the desk so that it can also serve as my nightstand, and a mirror light kit I got from Amazon. Oh, and a wooden chair with a padded seat that was on sale at Ikea, and a couple of storage solution organizer things from Amazon. You can see a picture of it on my instagram story right now, or facebook. 

I think part of my lack of focus on sewing is because I'm waiting to hear back about a show right now, and I'm distracted. Once I hear about it, I will basically know my schedule from now through Feb, and my mind will be put at ease. I probably won't get it, because I have so many conflicts, but I really would love to be in it. I will know either way by tomorrow morning, but it's made my mind very restless this weekend. 
I've been feeling so lethargic and unmotivated and exhausted all weekend. I did go to another event (actually it was a two-fer -- Snoqualmie Railroad Days in 1890s during the day, and Harry Potter Trivia as Professor Trelawney that night). And yesterday, I cut out and assembled the mockup (/hopefully flatlining) for a Rocky Horror bustier commission I'm working on. We're doing a fitting tomorrow. I would love to complete that as soon as possible and get it (and the other commission) out of the way, but I don't know how much sewing time I'll really have in the next couple weeks, with rehearsals and the fact that I have to work the next two Fridays. 

I think a new Halloween costume for me is out of the question. Or it is for sure if I get cast in the show I'm auditioning for on Wed. I think that's a fair trade-off, though. It's not like I can't pull something from my closet. ;)

Aug. 15th, 2019

Well, I now have two bodice/bustier commissions next up on the docket - one for Elsa and one for Rocky Horror. And after that I will probably have some commission work to do for the caroling group I sing with. So Mary Poppins may not wind up being done in time for Halloween. I'm hoping to knock out both the bodices by the end of this month, if at all possible, just to get them out of the way, but I don't know how much I'll need to do for the carolers. Plus this week, I started rehearsals for my next show, and I have auditions next week for a show that would overlap rehearsals and perform right after that (of course, I may not get that one, because of the overlapping rehearsals). 

So basically, time is going to be very tight for sewing coming up, especially personal sewing, which means I have two options for posting to Dreamwidth - 1. I could post non-sewing life updates, or 2. I could not post till I sew again. Let me know which you prefer! 

On the other hand, I've been very regular with my posting over on Instagram, and I'm slowly getting caught back up with all the photos I've been needing to edit/post to Facebook. Right now I still have to edit/post: Sunday CoCo, the Brigade Encampment from this last Sunday, the Regency picnic from the weekend before CoCo, a Victorian museum trip from early July, pictures from Big Fish in May, and photos from Emerald City Comicon in March (whoops!). I think that's it. I'm determined to at least get the CoCo pics done before this Saturday's event. The thing about having a Google phone is that I never run out of space, but the old photos get auto-backed up to Google photos and removed from my phone, which is going to make posting those comicon pics really annoying, assuming I ever get around to it... 
August is basically the month of all costume events, where every possible costume-related group in the Seattle area decides to have events that all conflict with each other, even though there's no events the rest of the year. Thus, so far this month, I've done three costume events, with another one planned for next weekend. 

On the first Sat of the month, a few friends and I dressed up and went to the WA Midsummer Ren Faire. I wore my kirtle again, since my doublet dress is just too warm and too much effort for this faire. We didn't spend too long at the faire, but we looked around at all the booths, watched one show (because Broon is too good to miss), took pictures, had some meat pies, looked around a bit more, and then left the faire and went to Sonic. It was a warm day, and I think we were all really feeling the heat. I didn't take that many pics, but what I did take are here. 

Luckily, this weekend was much nicer. I was originally supposed to go to the NW Colonial Festival on Saturday, but this year they decided to make all the pretty photo spots around the inn and by the bluff off limits, and they weren't having a tea this year, I decided that the 3 hrs each way drive was just not worth it. Instead, I planned an 18th c tea at my favorite tea house in the next town over from mine, and we had an absolutely delicious tea, and then wandered around the garden taking a ton of pictures of each other. Amazingly enough, I have already posted these to Facebook. We were originally supposed to go to a historical house nearby and go antiquing, but we had so much fun taking pictures that we ran out of time. Maybe another time, especially since I've decided that we need to do an 1830s or 40s Christmas tea there. 

At about 11pm on Sat night, while looking up when a Christmas event was going to be held at Fort Nisqually, I found out that they were actually holding an event this weekend, too - an 1855 brigade encampment, with living history type demos, and a bunch of activities going on at the fort. Luckily, my friend Emily was also up for two events in one weekend, so she and her husband and I headed to the fort on Sunday. We checked out all the goings-on there, had the best pretzels I've ever had (made in their big outdoor oven), and then decided to go check out the flower garden that's in the same park as the fort. It was so gorgeous! The dahlias were in full bloom, and the roses smelled wonderful. So naturally, we took lots of pictures yesterday, too, but I have yet to go through those. 

Next week is Snoqualmie Railroad Days, and then that's it for costuming events this month, I think. 

In sewing news, I have made a Dapper-dirndl Rapunzel dress, which just needs a hem. I might also add lace to the neckline, sleeve hems and skirt hem, and embroidery around the skirt hem, but it's currently wearable besides the hem. Next up is a commission, and then I hope to start the pink and white striped bustle from Mary Poppins Returns, which will be my Halloween costume. 


Costume College Recap

Costume College was wonderful, as always. It was fantastic seeing so many friends, and meeting new ones, too! One of the things that always amazes me is that I wind up meeting new Seattle-area costumers that I didn't know before. So hopefully I can get some of them to come out to PSHCG events. I also met a couple of Vancouver, BC costumers, so I think we're going to try to plan a few international events, and meet in the middle (Vancouver is about 3 hrs from me). 

All my costumes were well received, too! It's funny how many people that I didn't know came up to me and said they'd been watching me make whatever I was wearing at the time on Instagram. I've had my instagram for a few years now, but I feel like this was the first year that that really happened. I feel like we need ribbons for "I saw that on instagram" or something like that. I also want to remember to make ribbons for next year that say something along the lines of "Yes, I'm really that tall." There's quite a few tall costumers out there, and I think we need ribbons, since everyone always comments on it anyway. 

It's just such a pain to post pictures, so sorry, but I'm not doing a day-by-day wrap up with pictures. You can see my pics on instagram or facebook. I've been doing about a post a day on instagram (though they are now mixed with vintagesummerchallenge posts), and I've edited and posted pics for Thurs & Fri on Facebook (hopefully I'll get to the Sat and Sun ones shortly). That said, here's a text recap:

Wednesday: My friend Emily and I flew down, and arrived in Burbank in the afternoon. Sarah picked us up and we hung out at Sarah's mom's house (I styled a hedgehog wig for Sarah, too). Then the three of us went to go see The Play That Goes Wrong in downtown LA. It was my second time seeing it (I saw it when I was in London), but it is still sooo freaking hilarious! Emily took an uber to her hotel, and Sarah and I went back to her mom's house. 

Thursday: Sarah and I sewed a bit on her gala gown, then we headed out to CoCo. I was able to check in right when we got there, and then a different Sarah and I changed into our Victorian bathing suits and took the beach bus to Topanga Beach (if the schedule is right for this bus, it's pretty amazing - it takes a little under an hr to get from a block away from the hotel to the beach, and only costs $2). We played on the beach for a while and took lots of pictures, then went across the street for thai food, and got a Lyft back to the hotel (the bus only comes every couple hours). Then I started steaming/pressing, and got changed into my white cotton teens dress with new hat for check-in and the pool party. I managed to snag a late registration class, and of course got to hang out with everyone, but eventually it was time to go back upstairs, press a couple more things, shower, and go to bed. 

Friday: I decided to skip the 9am class I was originally interested in, because we had stayed up too late the night before. That meant I didn't actually have a class till noon, so I got dressed in Anna Frozen Fever, went down to breakfast, went back upstairs, pressed some more, went to Chris's awesome bustles class (it was so neat seeing all the different shapes, and now I feel like I need a Lotta bustle), and then had to go to rehearsal for the showcase. Unfortunately, the rehearsal was right in the middle of a class I wanted to go to. Oh well. So then I wound up with a little free time before Nicole's class on shoes. It was fascinating. I wish I had the patience/skills for shoe making, but there is no way. Then it was time to get ready for the showcase. 

**A couple notes on changes for this year, for those who weren't attending. For one, the Portrait studio was a disaster. No more Shotwell and his neutral backgrounds. No, they had hired some team of photographers to shoot terrible pictures on green screens, so that none of the details of your costumes showed, and it looked like you were floating on a flag, or whatever the background was for that particular time/day. Horrendous. Also, they've turned the (ice cream) social into a showcase thing. Because I was in the Disney bustles group, I had elected to take part in the showcase. Everyone who was participating had to go wait in a small room off the room that had been set up with the stage. We had to get there at least 30 mins before the showcase started, and stay in there the whole time. The room was waaay too packed, and while I guess they had food and drink for the audience members, they neglected to have anything for the participants, and the only way we could watch the show was by pulling apart cracks in the curtains cordoning that area off. Seriously. And of course, we could only socialize with the other people in our crowded room. I don't know who came up with this whole mess of an idea, but it better not happen again.**

Because those of us in the showcase had to be sequestered so early, we also didn't wind up getting pictures of everyone in the Disney bustle group. We were missing at least 5-8 people in the one picture we did get, which also has a terrible background and lighting. *Sigh* Anyway, after the showcase, we finally had a bit of socializing time. After I changed out of my Fairy Godmother bustle, I wound up going up to the hospitality suite with Emily, and we had an amazing Greatest Showman sing-along with Marika and Christina. It was sooo much fun! Probably one of the highlights of CoCo. 

Saturday: I again skipped early morning classes. I started with Bridget's sheer fabrics class, which was really neat, and now I need a mid-Victorian sheer dress made of dimity. I had to duck out early for my newly added limited, though, which was Sahrye's Intro to Integrating Lights in Costumes. It was fascinating! I have never soldered before, and I learned how to do that, and wired LED lights to batteries, making a badge and a bracelet. And now I have all sorts of ideas for incorporating lights into things to wear to Disney World in a few months. After that, I think I pressed my last costume and went to Kendra's historical retro class. I knew about some of it before, but it was nice learning about other references to past styles that I hadn't previously noticed. Then I got ready for the gala! I actually got ready on time this year, which is almost unheard of, and had plenty of time to walk the red carpet. But here I need to insert another rant. Some super rude lady was manning the end area of the red carpet/the entire rest of the hallway past it (including the self-portrait area), and yelled at us for stopping to use the self-portrait set up, and yelled at us again when we paused in our walking (she said you have to be moving at all times in this area, so naturally I started step-touching). It was so ridiculous. *rant over* Then we rounded up everyone and got lyfts over to Maggianos, where we experienced the slowest service in the hottest restaurant ever. Like literally, we weren't seated until over 15 mins past our reservation, and then the service was so slow, that I think we left about 2.5 hours later, missing almost all of the gala. The bibs worked super well, though, and we were able to take some good pictures after we got back, and hang out in the hallways downstairs for a while. 

Sunday: I woke up super early to get to the Bargain Basement, but apparently everyone else woke up even earlier. (It opened at 7:30am - we were aiming for 7, made it by 7:10, and it took us till about 8:30 to get in the room. Apparently the line had started to form by 5:30!). So needless to say, by the time I got in there, there was nothing good left. I got 3-4 vintage crochet laces, and managed to win two beautiful prints at the silent auction. My new 1840s dress was a huge hit all day. I loved wearing it (though I have to take a look at the closures, since the hooks/bars kept coming undone), but the hair did eventually get really heavy (that was kind of my feeling all weekend, in fact). This was limited class day for me. I had a 9am limited of Making 18th C hair products, taught by Cynthia and Annette, which was fantastic. I can't wait to use the pomade and powder I made! Then I had a smallish break, and had Kathryn and Shannon's class on metal thread embroidery. I didn't finish the project, but I got all but one of the sampler stitches finished, and I will hopefully go back and work more on it at a later time. We hung out at the pool in the evening, packed, and then had a small room party. Another wonderful CoCo!

Monday: We checked out and went on the fabric district tour. On the bus, we planned a group project for next year - 1830s Disney Villains. I'm doing Governor Ratcliffe. :) I was really only looking for one outfit's worth of fabrics - burgundy velvet to match the burgundy velvet ribbon Emily found for me in the marketplace, and white silk for the exposed parts of the underskirt and sleeves. (I've posted the plate to instagram and FB I think, but it's a late 1860s plate that hangs in my bedroom and has been teasing me for the last year.) I already have the fabrics for everything else I'm planning this year, especially since half of them are holdover projects from previous years. Then we took the bus back, and Emily and I flew back to Seattle from Burbank that night. 

That turned out way longer than I had anticipated, but there's my CoCo wrap-up! I can't wait till next year!

Yesterday, I remade the Macys bracelet, and I also found out that there is a hair store on my route home from work. Although they didn't have any curly pieces, they actually had decently priced human hair braids that happen to be an almost exact match to my hair. I tested curling it with my curling iron, and as long as I clip them up in place after taking them off the barrel, they seem to hold really well! So today I'm going to curl the two I bought. 

I also have packed up almost everything. I just need to add the gala gown, 1840s dress, Fairy Godmother skirt, pjs, toiletries, and hairpieces. I hope I can get it all to fit, since there is not much room left. And because there is so little room, I don't think I'm going to make the balayeuse, since then it would be even harder to get everything in there. I need bigger suitcases!

Anyway, this may be the last post I make here till after Costume College, since I don't like typing these on my phone, and I don't bring a computer to CoCo. But I'm sure I'll be posting consistently to instagram and facebook, so you can keep up with me either of those places!
I'm done with almost everything for Costume College, and it's kind of a weird feeling! Even this weekend, I knew I didn't have too much to do, so I was pretty stress-free, and even enjoyed just lazing around for an hour yesterday. Of course, I'm also feeling reluctant to pack this year, and I think it's because of the starched petticoats. I spent all that time starching/ironing, and now they have to get crunched in the suitcase. :( Plus I think I have more silk dresses than I've brought before. 

In any case, I at least grabbed the suitcases out of the shed, and I've packed up my hats, which all fit nicely into one hatbox. Today, my plan is to remake the bracelet I bought from Macys (it is really pretty, but too small) to make up my gala parure, pack, and maybe make a balayeue for the gala gown. I still don't know if it actually needs it, but if I have time, I may as well make one. 

The only other thing I (probably) have to do is go to the hair store tomorrow and get more pieces that match. My hair is a very in-between ginger color right now, and a lot of my hairpieces are either too yellow or too auburn. And ginger is super super hard to find, so I may have to make do and hope people don't notice the color difference. I'm doing that tomorrow, though, so I'll have one more wash in, in case my hair fades at all. I've only washed it three times since dyeing it at this point. 

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