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I hardly worked on the bodice at all on Friday. I honestly don't even remember why. I took apart the mockup, got all the interlining pieces cut out, and cut out about half of the silk pieces, but that's it. And then I had the four closing shows of Oliver and strike, so there was no other time for sewing this weekend. 

I was supposed to go to an audition tonight, but I'm not feeling up to it, plus I have a bunch of stuff I need to do before Europe (like dyeing my hair, laundry, and packing), so I'm staying home to do that instead. So maybe I'll be able to get sewing done today or tomorrow? At this point, I think the most I could possibly complete on it is just to sew the bodice pieces together. But at least that's something, and it might mean there's still a chance I could finish it before the Victorian Festival at the end of March. 

Feb. 15th, 2018

I sewed together the mockup for the 1880s bodice yesterday. The nice thing is, this is a pattern I created in a draping class I took a few years ago, so not only do I still have the paper patterns, I also still have the fabric bodice pieces that I draped on the form. And even though I didn't drape it to my size, it is very close. so I'm adding .25" to the front and side pieces at the side seam, and adding a little to the CF, since it meets, but doesn't overlap everywhere. But basically, I'll be able to cut out the actual silk pieces now, having just sewn together the existing fabric pieces and tried them on. The only part that I'm kind of guessing at is the length past the waist, particularly in the back, since my pattern has a pleated peplum. But I'm willing to take that risk, and hopefully I won't screw up. 

I'm planning to cut out and assemble the bodice tomorrow, so hopefully everything will go smoothly, and I might even be able to get most of this done before Europe. 

Feb. 13th, 2018

I told myself I wasn't going to attempt to sew anything else before Europe, but yesterday, I cleaned up my sewing room (I even vacuumed!) and found myself studying the bustle dress I started and then put aside last fall. The skirt is still being naughty, so I'm going to do the bodice/overskirt, and then come back to the skirt. Maybe I'll repleat it. I wish I had more fabric, but alas. Or maybe I'll take the leftover fabric I was going to use for the ruffles at the hem, and attempt to incorporate that into more width for the skirt (since that's the real problem. Who knows. But I pulled out the pattern that I think I used for the bustle dresses I made last year, so hopefully those will work. I'm seeing a show tonight, but I'm planning to mock that up tomorrow. 

As a reminder, this is the dress:

I'm thinking if I drive myself absolutely crazy, I may be able to finish this and a bonnet to go with my 1830s dress in time for Vic Fest on March 23rd. 

Finished Coat

I finished my coat! And even though it's 53 degrees (gross - I'd really like winter back) today, I wore it today. I love how it turned out. I found decent buttons at Joanns, and spent pretty much all of yesterday evening working on the hems. 

Anyway, I don't have any pictures of me wearing it yet, but here's a couple on my dressform:


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