January 10th, 2011

Sleeve troubles

I thought I had the other sleeve on the blue chemise all set and done, but then I went to try it on. Somehow (and I honestly have no clue how) the opening on the lower sleeve was rotated 2.5" out towards my elbow. Which meant undoing the trim at the seam, undoing the seam, rotating, and redoing the whole thing. I wanted to go to bed 1.5 hrs ago, but clearly that didn't happen. However, I will leave sewing on the trim for tomorrow. But I tried it on after redoing the seam, and now it's perfect! At least that's a relief.

I might not get too much done tomorrow, though, since I plan to go visit Harry Potter land.


So I ordered this pair of shoes from online in anticipation of the 17th and 18th century stuff I'm making this year, but I'm not sure they're quite right.

They got here today, and they're super cute, but they almost seem a little more 20s to me, but I feel like with different ribbons, and maybe painted a lighter color, they might work. I've even thought about making tongues that could attach down by the toes and tie up with the ribbon, to match the outfit. Any opinions?

I also have these shoes, which I bought from Avenue a couple years ago. I only wore them a couple times, but they weren't at all comfortable, so I've decided to do something to them, and try to make them work. I took out the elastic gussets that connected the sides of the tongue, and removed the buckle that went halfway across the tongue. Today, I painted a white base coat, so that I can later paint them to match the dress (probably either blue or cream) and I plan to put ribbon around the tongue, at the very least. Would it be better to just keep these and return the above pair? Or should I keep and wear them both?