January 12th, 2011

Harry Potter Day

Didn't get too much done today, since I spent half my day at Universal. Harry Potter land was still super crowded, way more than then when I went the day HP7 was released. Managed to walk right on to Rip Ride Rockit, though.

Anyway, I finished the stitching on the trim, and I did the hems on the bottom and the sleeve, so that means the blue chemise is done! All I have left of the Pre-Raphaelite project is turning over the edge of the armseyes on the bodice, and putting in all the eyelets. I'm determined to finish it tomorrow.

Of course, then that means I have to decide whether I'm doing the Chemise a la Reine next, or the 17th Century gown next... I did paint the 2nd coat on the shoes for the 17th century gown. They still need a lot more fiddling, but I think they'll do in a pinch.

Also, I'm planning to get The Cut of Women's Clothes next week (it's teacher appreciation week at B&N, so my mom can use her discount). Someone please tell me it's really worth paying $80 for one book! The price tag is scaring me...

Opinions please!

I did all the eyelets in the bodice today. I've never made an unboned bodice before (or, for that matter, a bodice that only laces up the back - that was a little tricky!), and I don't know how to get rid of the wrinkles in the back. Is this normal/does it look okay that way, or should I attempt to add some boning to get rid of that?

Also, I'm leaning towards doing the Chemise a la Reine next. I like the fitted back, like the one demode did (PS - anyone know what happened to her site?), but I also like the gathered back, like in this painting. I know I want the fitted sleeve and the ruffled lace at the neck. Any suggestions?