January 15th, 2011

The chemise is gathering speed

I had to run a bunch of errands today (like bringing back my supposedly fixed computer to Geek Squad), so I didn't get too much sewing done today. I did, however, bind one tab on the stays (I've decided to force myself to bind at least one tab/day), and I gathered the chemise a la reine into it's neckline. So here's some pics, with the chemise a la reine being worn over my green blouse pretending to be a chemise, my bum roll pretending to be a bum pad, no stays, a pink elastic-waist petticoat pretending to be a knife-pleated 18th c petticoat, and a red polka-dot scarf pretending to be a taffeta sash. 

At this point, I'm kind of wondering if there's too many gathers in the front. The front only has 8" more fabric than the back, but it felt really poofy. And I'm also fairly certain I will wind up adding a waist drawstring, since it kept wanting to shift out from the sash. But that will wait until after the sleeves are added, anyway.

Also, on my errands, I decided I would finally visit the largest McDonalds in the country (which happens to be 10 mins from my house) and here's a pic from that, too. Can you believe you can get this at McDonalds? They had pasta choices and a whole bunch of delicious looking desserts, too.


I went to go put on the sleeves today, but I realized that the shoulder straps I made by following the Norah Waugh pattern were really way too narrow. So I took them off, and made straps about twice as wide, and 1.5" longer, so there would be a little more room in the armseye. Of course, this means I now need to re-cut out the sleeves, because they are now smaller than the armseye.

Speaking of which, there's no need to do a gusset in these (fitted) sleeves, right? In any case, I won't have any more time to sew until after work tomorrow night, since I work from 8:30pm-2:30am tonight, and 1:15-9:15pm tomorrow..

And then on Monday,I'll finally be able to go to Joanns! I wasn't letting myself go for the last few days, because I want to be able to use coupons.