January 23rd, 2011

Chemise project update

I finally went and tried everything on this morning, and found out my petticoat is actually long enough that I don't even need to make a ruffle! So in other words, since the hem of the petticoat is the selvage, the petticoat is done. Eventually, I will go back and press the pleats, but I'm going to wait until after I move, and have access to a full size ironing board.

Tomorrow, I should hopefully get a chance to run to Joanns for the lace for the sleeves of the chemise a la reine. I started pinning the hem today, and once I have the hem and the lace done, the chemise a la reine will be done, since I decided it probably doesn't need the drawstring waist.

And yesterday, I started a short-sleeve chemise to wear under my stays. I still need to add the sleeves and gussets, and do the hemming, but the neckline and side gussets are done.

And, as per my plan, the binding of the stays is coming along slowly but steadily.