February 7th, 2011

Sleeves and such

Haven't had a real chance to sew recently until today, but here's pics of my progress - one sleeve done, and I have the other one half done. They're cartridge pleated into the armseye and knife pleated into the cuff. Sorry I don't really have any pics of me wearing it. I forgot to take some when I tried it on this morning.

I wish I had more of this trim! I only have two yards, though, so it will probably just be here, and maybe in the back, and I'll have to find something else for all the other parts.

And a bonus picture that I thought looked cool - it's the inside of the cuff, before I took the pins out of the knife pleats.

Also, I just finished watching the Robin Hood tv series from a couple years ago. I can't believe it's over! I know it's probably terribly inaccurate, but I truly enjoyed it. Good acting, amazing action, and I kind of fell in love with Robin Hood. But agh! the way it ended. I am very sad. :( And I still want more!

And on a costuming note, I'm so glad the season 3 costumes went back to being a little more medieval. I got mad at all the underbust corsets in season 2. But I think seasons 1 and 3 had a nice blend of that modern meet medieval vibe. And the tooled leather in season 3 was beautiful!