February 9th, 2011


I feel accomplished! I finished doing all the binding on my stays today, which means they are officially done! I will probably make straps for them before I do something 18th c, which means I would have four more eyelets to bind at that time, but they are done for now! And it's only taken me what - since June 09 to finish them? So it makes me very happy. And though time consuming and painful to my finger, the binding really wasn't that hard.

I also did my other sleeve for the 17th c bodice today, which means that the bodice is structurally done (except the hem, but that's because I'm attaching the skirt to half of it. Next step is to add all the trim, and the hook and eye closures in front. And I won't be using the trim I posted in the pictures last time, since there just wasn't enough, so I went to Joanns today and found a similar, though slightly cheaper looking trim. I bought 7 yards, which is probably (hopefully) overkill, but we'll see. It's still a lace with pearls combo.

And all that today, while having an eight hour rehearsal for the show I'm doing right now - Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type (it's theatre for young audiences). I'm having a blast!

No pics, since it's too late for me to try stuff on tonight, but I hope to have pics fairly soon.

Am I crazy?

So for some probably masochistic reason, I decided today that it would really be best if I hand sew on all my trim. All 6 to 7 yards of it. I started it tonight while watching Social Network (yay Netflix!) and Sunday's Glee episode. And so far, I have 8 of 14 hooks and eyes, and 1.5 rows of trim done.

I do have a question, though, if someone can help - my skirt (which will be the next step) is going to be knife pleated. Do I need to line the skirt, or put any sort of facing under the pleats, since the material is pretty lightweight? I will be wearing my bum roll and the blue knife-pleated petticoat I made last month underneath it.