February 16th, 2011

Mitt test

I want to make some mitts for 18th c stuff, so I'm taking old yarn and testing out ideas for patterns. This is test #1. The pattern is basically an alternating single v double crochet, with a few baubles and a couple double/chain rows thrown in. They were made flat, then stitched up the sides.

Also, I cut the foot or so extra off the bottom of the hem of the 17th c gown, and while I plan to serge it tonight, I think I'm going to wait until closer to Costume College to actually do the whole hem, so that I have the whole outfit put together. I'm planning to wear it for the gala, which is also making me indecisive on the hem length, since I'm sure I will be dancing in it. Speaking of which, what kind of dancing happens at the CC gala?