February 18th, 2011

17th c Chemise

I made the majority of my chemise for my 17th c gown tonight. I'm nicknaming it my Pettigrew chemise, since I did everything but the pleats/gathers of the neckline and sleeves all while watching Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (one of my all-time favorite movies). I used the guide from Festive Attyre, and other than not paying attention to the instructions, (therefore having to rip out and redo the sleeve gussets), it went together super quickly and easily.

To finish it, I'm knife pleating the top of the sleeves, and probably gathering the front and back panels into a bias band, though I haven't quite decided on that yet. For the sleeves, I'm going to gather about 5" from the edge (either securing it with cording or another bias band), and then run a drawstring through the turned-over edge. That way I can wear it both entirely inside my sleeve, or so that the last pouf is outside the bottom of my gown sleeve, and pulled back over the sleeve band.

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So inspired by twilatee's LJ post from the other day, I did my own regional dialect video. I don't think my dialect is anything special, but I still love learning about various dialects and accents, so maybe this can help someone else from across the pond.

Also, I bought cotton batting so I can start a quilted petticoat. I've decided it will be my next project after completing the chemise.