February 26th, 2011

So close I can taste it!

The muslin swag is stitched onto the neckline of the bodice, and I bound the front, but I need to pick up more of the swarovski findings I used for the front of the bodice, to put every 6" around the top of the neckline. And I'm hoping to find a brooch that goes really well to use for the center front of the neckline.

In the meanwhile, I've also taken the neckline in on the chemise. I haven't tried it on yet, but hopefully it's enough. I took in about 4". I also made another knife pleated petticoat, with a small ruffle at the bottom. It's almost done, but I ran out of the navy blue bias I wanted to use for the ties, so I'll be picking that up tomorrow, too. I love love love the fabric pattern - it's an alternating blue/white floral stripe. I wish it was heavier weight, and that there was more of it, so I could have used it for a polonaise or something, but since I got it for free from a friend, I can't complain. It's a really lightweight muslin, almost a lawn, I'd say, but I think it will work for a second petticoat.

Pictures tomorrow, since all of it should finally be finished.

I also cut out the fabric for the quilted petticoat (my next project). It's hanging dry right now - just fyi, it is really difficult to wash 3.5yds of heavy home dec cotton blend fabric in a bathtub with no drain stopper. And I realized I will have to piece together the backing, since I forgot to take into account that muslin shrinks when washed/dried, but hopefully it will work out okay. I'm still going back and forth whether I want to quilt by hand or not. And for anyone who has made a quilted petticoat before, is a 120" hem reasonable for someone with a 40" waist?

These are my two favorite inspiration petticoats, as far as the quilting pattern goes.