March 26th, 2011

Fabric help!

On my list of to-do projects is a floral print polonaise, and I came across this cotton twill fabric at Joanns today. I wasn't sure it was quite right, and I would love everyone's opinions! Is cotton twill a good fabric to use? Is this print at all reasonable for the 18th c? Is 7.75yds enough to make a polonaise out of (based on diagram XXII from Cut of Women's Clothes) for a 40" waist? And is ~$7.80/yd a reasonable price for this cotton twill (it's 30% off, and I have the 25% off your purchase coupon). Oh, and is it worth moving it 3000 miles next week? Or should I just wait and see if I find something better within the next couple months?


I think I may be slightly crazy. I just won this auction on ebay for a bundle of plumage. It was so intense! Someone kept bidding me up at the last minute, but luckily I was there, and raised my top twice (bad me!). But I will now be the proud owner of 55 13" ostrich feathers, which I plan to bleach and dye various colors, and put on hats! Am I crazy for paying $32.50 for this? I so didn't mean to spend that much...
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