April 4th, 2011

Bay Area Ren Faire

Sewing has been put on hold for the last several days, and will be on hold until after I reach CA around April 20th. That said, I will at least try to update once a week with posts regarding my journey across the country. I leave FL on Tuesday.

That said, I just spent a lovely weekend at Bay Area Ren Faire. I wore my navy velvet doublet gown on Saturday, but opted for a cooler (and ever so scandalous!) look for Sunday, since it was supposedly somewhere around 88 degrees or so. So scrambling last minute to find something cooler to wear, it's my short sleeve "chemise" blouse, plus my two 18th c petticoats, and my ren corset. Here are some pics!

I also have a quick pic of the chemise I was commissioned. I even managed to make a tag for it with the embroidery stitches on my machine.