April 13th, 2011


No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. I have, however, been roadtripping it across the US. So far, I've made it through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, back into northern Mississippi (where I stayed for a few days in Natchez), back into northwestern Louisiana, Texas (where I went to Scarborough Faire for the weekend), Oklahoma (to see my school friends), the Texas panhandle, New Mexico (where I stopped to see my brother), Arizona, and Nevada. I am currently staying with my cousins in Las Vegas (it's my first time here!), and tomorrow, I go to see the Strip and gamble away $10 (I'm a big spender). Then it's Pawn Stars on Fri, and off to southern CA! I'll be in the Orange county and LA area for 5-6 days (including my first visit to the LA fabric district!), and then finally, I will head home to the Bay Area.

And today, my Costume College class registration packet arrived home, so my dad talked me through all the classes, scanned and emailed me half the pages, and filled out my form with the limited attendance classes so that it can go into the mail tomorrow. I hope I get the ones I want!