April 27th, 2011

18th C Indecision

I know I want to make a 1780s gown next, but I'm having some problems making a decision on what to do. I've never made anything 1700s without a Simplicity-type pattern, but I have The Cut of Women's Clothes and Period Costume for Stage and Screen, and will be able to take a look at Patterns of Fashion tomorrow. I really want to not have to go out and buy any patterns for these.

I want to use the floral cotton before I cut into the silk taffeta (because I'm a chicken). I'm planning on doing the kind with the deep V in the back at the waist, instead of en fourreau. And I've pretty much decided that I don't want to do a zone front on this one (one less thing to worry about). I can't decide whether I want to do a contrasting petticoat, though, or make it out of the floral, too. But it will definitely have a big ruffle at the bottom. I'm going to make the overskirt so it can be polonaised, if that makes any difference. I really like the look of the white dress in this picture:

For my silk taffeta, I want to try to get two outfits out of it, but with 7yds, I'm not sure I can. My first dress is basically this (is this from the Met? I can't find it anymore!) What would the back look like on something like this? I would love to do it en fourreau, if I can figure out how, just so the two dresses will be even a little more different, but of course, if it doesn't make sense to do it on something like this, then I wouldn't... (In fact, if the floral would more accurate than this with an en fourreau back, please let me know, and I'll just switch them up!)

And if I have enough fabric left over, I want to use it to make this (the blue one):

Is a zone front as complicated as it seems?

Also, am I being terrible if I want to wear all this lovely 1780s stuff with my mid 1700s stays? I really don't want to have to make new ones...