May 1st, 2011

Cutting down a dress form

I've spent a few hours of the last two days cutting and sanding down Antoinette's bust so that I can turn her into a dress form that can wear stays and corsets. I'm hoping it's pretty much done. My stays fit on her at this point, though it seems like there's a little more gap at the bust than there is on me. I'm going to try on the stays on me tomorrow, and see just how far off I am.

But this has been a difficult project! I started by using a heated foam cutter that my mom has used for her mosaics, but after a couple hours of use, the metal snapped (so now I need to buy her a new one). After that, I just used a small kitchen knife, which is what I should have done in the first place, since it worked way better. And overall, I went through 3 or 4 pages of sand paper.

I think the problem at this point is just that she's shorter waisted than I am, but I hope the stays as they fit her now will work. I'm really sick of being covered in foam dust. I'll have pictures soon.

Janet Arnold Polonaise En Fourreau

Has anyone used the Janet Arnold Polonaise En Fourreau pattern? I'm having problems comprehending the difference between the lining bodice pieces and the outer bodice pieces. To me, it looks like the front outer bodice piece is a little over an inch wider at the top, so it encompasses the entire dip for the armseye. Also, the side seam is straight instead of curved. What I'm not getting is that the back outer and lining pieces have the exact same curve for the side seam, even though the side seam is different on the front pieces.

Also, the seam where the shoulder strap piece joins into the outer back piece is a completely different shape than the lining back piece's seam. And the curve in the bottom of the back lining piece is much shallower and shorter than the outer piece.

I haven't even gotten to tracing out the "en fourreau" part, but the rest of the differences are really throwing me off. Help!