May 3rd, 2011

First toiles are done!

So somehow, doing all my careful math in enlarging the pattern didn't quite work, but it came close!

Here's toile #1:

But luckily, it was a pretty quick fix to raise up the hem, increase the front at the side, and scooch over the armseye curves, so with a little tweaking, I moved on to toile #2. And huzzah - it fits! I'm debating about adding a half inch about halfway down the center back seam, since the back seems like it might be pulling, but I worry since it does feel like it fits fine. I had also thought about adding a half inch to the shoulder straps, but then I think they might fall off the shoulder. So I'll probably just keep them tight as they are. What I probably will do is make the curve into the back point a little more graceful over the hips, since I think it's a smidge high. But I think that's everything.

Also, since I've never made a gown out of cotton before, do I need to line it with more than muslin? I know I've heard it's best to put a piece of boning at the center back, but do I need it elsewhere as well?

And here is the fabric I am using: