May 14th, 2011

Costume College classes

I'm filled with glee right now, because I just heard back about my Costume College classes! I got the Victorian corset workshop one that I really really wanted, as well as Eveningwear for your Hair, and the Fabric District tour. And I got waitlisted for the Gibson hair one, though I'll be fine if I don't get it. I'm so excited!

And now that I've done pretty much all the sewing work I've had to do for the opera company I'm working with right now, I can get back to working on my polonaise. All the hooks and eyes are down the front of the bodice, and the lining is in the middle of being sewn in (though it's being a pain, and I had to rip out all the stitches I did last night because it wasn't laying right). I'm free for the rest of the day, so I really hope to get back to the petticoat, and finish that up. We'll see. I feel like this one is coming along so slowly! I forgot how many more commitments arise when you're living with your parents as opposed to on your own.