May 19th, 2011

Petticoat problems

The petticoat is done, except for the ruffle at the bottom. I want to do a foot long ruffle, just so it adds a little visual interest and breaks up the huge amount of floral that is this gown. However, I'm really worried I don't have enough fabric! I still have to make my sleeves (I'll probably be doing the mockup later tonight if I don't go see Pirates), but at this point, I have one 34"x54" section, two long (I think around 50") triangles with a max width of around 30", and two smaller pieces about 15"x15". I don't know what to do! But I have a feeling it will involve a huge amount of piecing, and trying to hide the fact that swirly flower stems may be facing in different directions...

Oy. And here I thought 10 yds would leave me with a couple left over! Clearly, this means I'm going to have to rethink my plans for the blue silk taffeta, since I only have 7 yds. I think instead of the blue one that I love from Kyoto, I will use it for the other one I posted before. That said, can someone help me with the proper name for this gown? I thought it was like a levite, but it's much more fitted. Is it just an anglaise with funky sleeves?


Oh, and I just got my laptop back from GeekSquad, so I can go back to posting pics again. It's way harder to do it on my old computer. So I will try to remember to edit this post with them later!

And later that night...


But really, I'm trying to do the mockup for these sleeves (it's the 1770-80 en fourreau gown in Janet Arnold), and they are just 100% completely wrong. They are entirely too poofy at the top, with those three pleats in the pattern. And then I assume that the weird triangle that has been cut out of the hem of the sleeve is supposed to be sewn together like a dart, but it's winding up on a weird part of my arm, not by my elbow, which would make more sense to me. I'm very frustrated trying to do these 18th c sleeves, since sleeves are always my kryptonite anyway. I feel like I'm about ready to just use my standard sleeve pattern and give up on any accuracy... :(