May 29th, 2011

Finishing touches

I finally got a chance to finish up the pleated trim on the sleeves today, so here's a picture of that, as well as a close-up of the ruffle on the bottom of the petticoat.


I've also already started to move on to Edwardian land. I ordered The Voice of Fashion book (though it won't be here for a good week, so I'm debating about starting without it), and I went to Joanns and picked up a bunch of muslin for the lining, and chiffon for the outer fabric (not silk, though, unfortunately - can't afford that until I actually have a job). I have some lace in my stash that I'm planning to use for all the flat lace that runs vertically, but I'm thinking about this for the bottom of the skirt, and this for the sleeves. I figure most of the lace I get, I'm going to have to try to tea stain, since I'm going with ivory overall, instead of white. Likewise, does anyone know of a cheap place for cotton velvet or velveteen? The cheapest I've seen is about $10.75-$11 from Dharma Trading or, both of which I would have to dye (I've decided to go for the same blue accents as in my inspiration dress). Tomorrow, I'm headed to Fabrics R Us in San Jose, to see if maybe they would have anything I can use for lace or velvet. Fingers crossed!