June 1st, 2011


I have achieved Hair of Great Enormity! Thanks to  American Duchess's wig tutorial, I managed to turn a $13 wig from China into a lovely hedgehog wig. So naturally here's some pictures.

I made the mistake of putting the hat on my head before taking pictures without it, so please excuse the minor hat-head.

The original wig listing

Pre-styling:                                                                      Post styling:

I know I need to do a good bit of smoothing to the outermost layer, and I want to neaten up the curls hanging down, but overall, it's mostly done.

I also started my first ever hat today - it's the Belle Epoch hat from the Butterick pattern. I had intended to finish it, but then the wig got here. So you should hopefully be seeing a post with that tomorrow.

Lastly, where do you all get your hat pins from? Do you make them from hat pin blanks (and if so, where do you find the blanks), or do you just buy them premade (in which case is there someplace that is a decent price)? And what length do you all prefer?