June 8th, 2011

I feel like George Seurat

I FINALLY finished the hat. Sort of. The brim and crown are all done, but the crown is not yet lined, and it's not decorated. I plan to attempt to decorate it in a way that it can be used for the 18th c and Edwardian. And I now know why hats are so expensive. I thought this pattern looked like it was going to be easy, but after substituting hand stitching for pretty much every place where the pattern called for craft glue, my fingers are falling apart and I've decided millinery is much harder than it looks...

The pattern I used was Butterick 4210. I pretty much followed the pattern, up until the lining (I haven't yet made the lining, but I don't like the way they do theirs). The only real difference I made is that where it said to glue on the binding of the brim, and glue the top of the crown to the sides of the crown, I sewed it by hand. The hat is 95% hand stitched (I used the machine to sew the three bias pieces together, sew the ends of the side of the crown together, and to do staystitching on two pieces). It's made of a cotton-blend (I think) brocade that I found in my stash, which I dyed from pale green to light blue; buckram; and 18 gauge jewelry wire. And is one of the more tedious projects I've ever done. I think I may just have to stick with decorating hats (that's fun!)