June 14th, 2011

Sewing day

I didn't do too much else today besides sew. The chiffon and muslin layers of the Edwardian skirt is all together, awaiting a waistband and (eventually) a hem.

Also, I cut out all the pieces of the burgundy 18th c petticoat. And naturally, as has seemed to happen with pretty much every other 18th c petticoat I've done, I slightly underestimated the amount of fabric I needed. I was one 12" row short for the ruffle, and I don't have any fabric left over for the hat I want to make. So hopefully, tomorrow I will get to Joanns again, especially since I'm nearly out of burgandy thread, too. But the skirt pieces, and the rest of the ruffle pieces are together. I have to pink the ruffle and gather it, and attach it to the skirt, which I have to knife pleat to the waist tapes, and hem. And then it's done!

I hope to also make a cap and a new set of pockets by Friday as well, but if not, I can always make do with my old stuff.