June 16th, 2011

Prepping for the Pirate Fest

The burgundy petticoat just needs a hem and to have the ruffle sewn on. I still need to figure out how to make a closure on my ribbon belt. I also have an idea of how I want to decorate my hat, and how I want to do my hair.

For my hair, I had spent a few hours at the beach yesterday, which seemed to help in the wild poufyness of my hair to begin with. But then all I did was section it off into three sections (plus the two curls at the bottom). The top section I sort of tucked under to get the pouf. The second section I pretty much just piled on top of my head and stuck a couple bobby pins in. And the third section I pinned up in pieces. Hopefully I will be able to recreate this or better on Sunday. For the trials, though, I didn't even do any teasing or spraying.

I also still need to make a cap, and if I have time, I'd like to make some new pockets, a reticule, and a better fichu. Not too bad, and I think it will be all doable in time for the festival on Sunday.

And a little Edwardian progress - the skirt is finished except the hem. The waistband is definitely not the best, but no one will be able to see it anyway, since I'm going to have the velvet sash over it. And I've developed such a huge hatred for chiffon that I kind of just want to get through this project as quickly as possible. (Please ignore the storebought corset)