June 28th, 2011

Not much to report

I haven't been completely lax in my sewing. Just somewhat. I was on vacation in Southern CA all last week, and didn't start sewing anything until yesterday. And instead of working on my Edwardian stuff, I've decided to take a break from all the obnoxious chiffon, and tweedle around with some smaller projects. So yesterday, I ripped out the binding on the top of the corset I bought last month from Corsets-uk for $30, cut down the tops of the bustline about 1.5" or so, cut the boning down, and restitched the whole thing back together. I'm not entirely happy with my binding job on one side, but it will do for now (unless it really starts bothering me). With that done, I should be able to fit my Edwardian bodice much better, since it won't be sticking out weirdly from my measurements.

Today, still not wanting to touch the chiffon, I decided to go back to an unfinished project from three years ago - a 1955 cocktail dress based on one by Jean Desses that I saw at the V&A when I was there in 2008. That summer, I made the whole skirt, which is comprised of 21 (I think) giant squares, all edged in lace. However, at the time, I felt I did not have the skills or patience to continue drafting the bodice, which looked to me to be very complicated. Apparently, I must have thought that the lace decorating the bodice followed the seam lines. So I gave it up and never went back to it.

However, I decided that I wanted something 50s to wear during classes at Costume College, so I pulled it out of the closet. And upon closer inspection today, using super-magnified versions of the pictures I took three years ago (since this dress somehow only has one poor image of it online), I realized that the lace has nothing to do with the seam lines, and it just appears to be a standard princess seam bodice. Of course, I have no clue what the back looks like, so I pretty much have to make that up, but I started drafting all my bodice pieces. I'll make up a muslin tomorrow, and hopefully have a working pattern by tomorrow night.

Here's the dress in question. Since I hate brown, mine is made of some sort of blue crepe.

If anyone knows where I could view a picture of the back, please let me know! I don't even know if it closes with a zipper, or in some other way. At this point, I assume it's a zipper, but if I can get out of putting one of those in, that would be fabulous!