July 2nd, 2011

I need a better sewing studio

So because our CA weather has suddenly decided to be hot, I'm doing pretty much no sewing in the afternoon... Which means I'm getting almost nothing done. I did finish the pinked ruffle on my blue sateen 18th c petticoat, though, so now I have the option of pairing my floral anglaise with the blue or the burgundy for the 4th of July. (I'll be walking with GBACG in the Rose White and Blue parade.) And I ordered the silk organza from Dharma Trading yesterday, so I'm hoping it will get here tomorrow, since otherwise it won't arrive till Tues - why do I always wind up ordering things over holiday weekends? But in the meantime, I've moved back to the Edwardian bodice. I had to go out and buy more tissue paper today, since I ran out when making the skirt, and now I have my scales all set, so I can draw out the pattern. I won't be home all tomorrow, though, so that means I have a few hours on Sunday to accomplish it if I want it finished this weekend. Which I do.

But since I'm not sewing, I am getting a lot of my HP rereading done! I started in on Order of the Phoenix today, so as of tomorrow, I have 13 days left to read just over 2000 pages.