July 8th, 2011

What is worse than sleevil?

Oh, that's right. CHIFFON!

I am extremely hopeful that after I finish cutting out sleeves for my Edwardian dress, I will never have to work with chiffon again. I hate it. I loathe it. I want to throw it in a fiery pit and watch it burn.

As the above might indicate, I cut out the chiffon pieces for the bodice today. And naturally, they were more shifty than a man wearing a ski mask in a dark alley. But luckily, the chiffon layer is gathered over the muslin layer for the bodice, so hopefully no one will notice if there's any problems. And if I find any problems in the making (like the seam around the neck), I will be attempting to hide them all under layers of lace. The bodice pieces have been put together, and I've sewn all my button holes down the back. Tomorrow, I will be sewing all my buttons on, sewing the darts in the muslin, and gathering the hem of the chiffon, and possibly sandwiching the two layers in some sort of waistband. Then I just have to add sleeves, the collar, and all the lace, and it will be done! The skirt still needs all of its lace, too, as well as a hem, but I'm not too worried about that.

As far as the cocktail dress goes, all my pieces are together, and I'm in the middle of sewing boning channels in the lining (which I might decide to finish tonight...). Then I just have to put the two layers together, and put the lace strips all over. Unfortunately, I can't find my sketch where I decided how I want the lace in the back to go, but I assume I'll figure it out again. I also plan to make a bolero for it, since I never like the way I look in sleeveless things.

And while I was at Joanns tonight, I caved and bought some really pretty navy blue cotton, with 3% spandex, and I'm going to attempt to shove in another project before Costume College. I keep hearing everyone talking about these playsuits they're making for some sort of impromptu event, so if I have time, I'll be making a 1940s sailor suit romper, with a skirt to match.