July 9th, 2011

Jean Desses progress pics

It's almost done! I just have to finish whipstitching the right half of the skirt to the bodice, put the straps on, and tack the top of the zipper down. I'm also going to make a quick bolero for it, too. But after sewing the first half of the skirt on, I have pictures!

Please ignore the black camisole and jeans...

My face looked absolutely terrible in this picture, so I edited it out, because I wanted to show how the skirt is made. There are 21 squares in all. Which means it's really fun when it spins!

For some reason, also, despite it feeling very nice and tightly fitted all during the mockups, and even fitting the final (pre-zipper), it's a tiny bit loose, which means I'm not getting that nice 50s silhouette out of it. I'll probably fix it eventually, but I don't have time now if I want to get everything on my list done in time for CosCol.