July 11th, 2011


Everything was going so well for most of the day. I started and finished the bolero jacket for the cocktail dress, finished up all the edges on the cocktail dress (all it's missing are the straps, since I need to buy more lace), and took in about 4" worth of darts under the arms (yeah, it was that gappy). And I started sewing on the two vertical strips of lace on the Edwardian. And then, halfway through the 2nd row of stitching on the 2nd row of lace, I realized - this lace is directional. So for the last 2.5 hrs, I've been tediously picking out all of the tiny zig-zag stitching from the chiffon and lace.... I swear, if I didn't have an event to wear this to in Aug, I would probably put this aside for a looong time.

I'll be headed to Joanns tomorrow for the lace for the cocktail dress, so I'll put pics up as soon as I've finished.