July 14th, 2011

Edwardian bodice progress

I'm almost done sewing all the lace on the Edwardian bodice/shirtwaist. I think I'll stay up and finish it tonight. I pieced together bits of the lace that will be going along the bottom of the skirt as a ruffle, in order to make the collar, and stitched two strips of the galloon that also goes down the front of the skirt. I still need to make my darts in the muslin layer, and gather the chiffon layer, as well as make the sleeves. It's also lacking the two top buttons in the back, and probably a waistband.

This is the blouse as it stands now, with the bottom of the front of the collar just laid on top and pinned.

This is more how it will look once it's gathered to fit my waist.