July 16th, 2011

The beginnings of the romper

Since I'm not positive if I'm bringing the Edwardian to CosCol, and I know I want to wear the 40s romper, I allowed myself to fall into CADD today. After sewing on the lace ruffle at the bottom of the hem, and finishing up the last couple buttons and buttonholes, I put the Edwardian aside this afternoon.

For the romper, I bought a Butterick wide leg pants/culottes pattern, and after two or three mockups (since I've never done any pants except bloomers!), I got a great fit. I'm making my romper out of a navy cotton bottomweight with 3% spandex. I want to make it sort of sailor inspired, so it will have the typical sailor collar, and be navy, white, and red. The shorts part is done except for a hem, buttons, and buttonholes. I don't know if I'll have any sewing time tomorrow, but I hope to get the blouse part done as soon as possible. I'm going back and forth between wanting to use the same pattern I did for the lining of the Edwardian, or using an old vintage pattern (Simplicity 1427) and altering it to fit. Despite the time crunch, I have a feeling I'll be doing the latter. But then it's just the skirt and collar and it will be done.

I really want to finish this by Monday night at the latest. That will give me at least one week to finish the sleeves, sash, and one more row of lace for the Edwardian, as well as make my mom an Edwardian blouse and skirt, and alter her corset a bit. Oh, and if I have time, I want to make a petticoat for my Edwardian. I could probably make do with one of my 18th c petticoats, if all else fails, but I'd really rather not.

And on an unrelated note, I'm seeing HP DHpt1 again tomorrow evening, this time in IMAX 3D. I saw it in 2d at midnight last night, and I still am not positive how I feel. Overall, I liked it. But now I feel rather empty. :( Pottermore better help fill the void!