July 20th, 2011

Romper done!

I finished the romper outfit last night. I'd still like to do a bit more hand finishing, if I have time. I want to tack the facing down so it lies a little flatter, but that's all I need to do. I will take some pics later today. I'm fairly pleased with it, and it went together really nicely. The fabric was a dream to work with, after the chiffon! I frankenpatterned the heck out of it - I think I used five total? The bulk of it comes from a 1955 vintage simplicity dress pattern with a surprisingly un-circular skirt.

I also cut out the sleeves for the Edwardian blouse. I'm really hoping to finish the sleeves, and to cut out and make my mom's skirt by the end of the night tonight. But so far in these projects, I have yet to finish everything I wanted to in the day. We'll see how it goes...