July 21st, 2011

Edwardian blouse and Costume College plans

Is (pretty much) done! I finally sewed the sleeves in this morning, and gathered the blouse to a waistband this evening. There's still some tacking to do of the lace, where it had overlapped the armseye (hence why I didn't do it before), and I plan to add a button and buttonhole to the waistband. However, the buttonhole will have to wait until I can get my corset on, which is definitely not coming after the huge dinner I ate at Olive Garden tonight.

Overall, while this blouse has been a pain in the butt, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Now all I need to do for the Edwardian is the velvet sash (right now Antoinette is wearing my chemise a la reine taffeta sash as a stand-in, and make a petticoat for it. Both of those, however, will have to wait until I finish my mom's stuff. I hope to get her skirt cut out (and maybe even finish most of it) tonight, and then I'll have the weekend to work on her blouse.

Just for my sake, really, this is a list of things I need to finish for Costume College: hem on the Gala dress, and tack the facings of the romper (sorry, I still haven't taken those pics I promised). I think (and hope) that that's it, but I have to finish all the Edwardian stuff before I leave, too, since I will only have one day between CosCol/ theladysarah 's visit and the Alameda picnic.

I'm really excited for next week!

This is everything I plan to wear, by the way:
Thurs evening Blogger meet and Greet - Modern cocktail dress (I think this is most peoples' plans, yes? I'll be getting there late, anyway, and don't want to worry about a costume)
Friday evening Ice Cream Social - floral polonaise with either the burgundy or floral petticoat
Saturday during classes - Jean Desses cocktail dress
Saturday night Gala - 17th c gown
Sunday Undies - 18th c chemise, stays, petticoats, etc
Sunday day/Tea - Chemise a la Reine
Sunday evening pool party - 1940s sailor playsuit (what time is the party again?)

Am I missing anything out?