July 25th, 2011

I hate sewing to a deadline

That said, everything is done for Costume College. I finished the hem on my 17th c gown yesterday. I still have more Edwardian stuff to do for the picnic dance on the 6th, though, and I only have today, tomorrow, and the 5th to do it. All I have left on mine is the last buttonhole and button on the waistband of the shirtwaist. And I finished my mom's skirt hem today, so that's done, but I still have to start on her shirtwaist. I hope i finish it in time!

Oh, and sorry for not posting pics for a while, but I've pretty much decided not to do a photoshoot for the Edwardian or the romper, since I'll be wearing them so soon anyway.


I wish someone at Costume College would offer a draping class. I was working on the late Victorian/Edwardian blouse for my mom tonight, and I decided that since it's so nice and gather-y, I would drape it instead of patterning it. I figured that way, it could go together quickly and easily.


I think we started about 8:15pm, and we wound up finishing somewhere around 10:15. And that was just the front and back pieces - no sleeves or collar. I am making it out of muslin, with lace decoration, so it was nice to not worry about chopping up the fabric, but it really took waaaay longer than I figured. I think we studied draping for maybe no more than 3 days in college, just doing a standard bodice with darts and everything, and I was bad at it then, and it was like two or three years ago, but still... I had hoped that with all this patterning practice, and the confidence I've developed through patterning, that draping wouldn't be that hard.

So I've decided - I really want to find a class to learn how to drape. Does anyone plan on teaching one at Costume College next year?

Oh, and also, as far as weirdness in the whole Late Victorian/Edwardian thing goes, I'm making my mom a not quite H/A blouse, with the 1890s fullness through the body, at an 1890s length where it can look like it has a gathered peplum if we added a matching waistband at her natural waistline. But it can also have the peplum tucked into her skirt, and it will have 3/4 Edwardian sleeves (which is what she wanted) which will not show when she's wearing an 1890s jacket. And instead of having a lacy piece on a high-standing collar, she will have a shorter plain collar, and I'm making her a lace jabot so she can have all the frills she wants. Did I mention I have two days left in which to finish this?