August 10th, 2011

Sewing plans

I have sooo many things I want to make in the next year, so I'm making a list to try to keep things straight.

-finish the Victorian corset from class
-1850s or 60s ballgown bodice (haven't decided which) to go with the skirt from Dickens last year, by Oct
-1900 jacked for Mom, by mid-Oct.
-Jane (from Tarzan) yellow "bustle" dress for Halloween/hopefully the beginning of Oct
  -short ruffly bustle
-1860s jacket for Mom for Dickens, by mid-Nov
-1910s evening gown. Hopefully by waiting until at least Dec, I will have recovered enough to use chiffon again.
-Pink Stripey early bustle gown.
  -elliptical cage crinoline (hopefully by Dickens?
-Victorian bathing suit by next CosCol
-Robe a la Turque by next CosCol
-1910s afternoon dress by next CosCol

The 1900 jacket for my mom and the Jane dress are really the only ones that have a deadline anytime soon, so I'm not stressing. Yet. :)