August 15th, 2011

Hoop Steel Question

I'm making the large elliptical cage crinoline from Jean Hunnisett, as well as a short cage bustle for my Jane dress, but I am completely confused on what kind of hoop steel to use. For those of you who have experience in cage crinolines and bustles, please help!

First, I was looking at RichardtheThread's plastic coated hoop wire, which they said would be good for what I'm doing (and it seems to me they have the best post-shipping price, since's shipping is way more expensive). But at the same time, according to the farthingales website, the hoop wire is not sturdy enough for something to really last, and I need to use spring steel instead.

So what do I do? I'd like to make something that will last me for a long time, but won't necessarily break the bank.