September 6th, 2011

Feeling Restless

It's weird. Every time I wind up not sewing for myself, I have these huge urges to drop everything and design something amazing for myself. Maybe it's a result of CADD? Right now, I'm working on the commissioned fish-themed Jester doublet and collar. The collar is almost done - I'm about 2/3 done sewing all the bells on the tails, and then I have to add eyes to each fish, and bind around the neck. The doublet lining and outer pieces are all together. For that, I have to attach the two layers, cut out and add the fish-tail shaped tabs at the waist, and the shoulder thing-a-ma-bobs (it's late, and I can't remember what they're called), and put bells on the tabs. I also have to put in all the loops for the toggles up the front. I want to have everything finished by Friday morning, so I can hand it off and he can do his costume check on Saturday instead of Sunday (in case something needs a quick fix).

I also went shopping for fabric for my mom's Dickens stuff for this year. I ran out of time to do much of anything nice for her last year, when we went for the first time, so she's demanding to look pretty this year. Unfortunately, I didn't have any leftover fabric from her skirt, which is a non-H/A sage and gold damask. But we found a nice chocolate brown faux silk, which I will be turning into a bodice with pagoda sleeves and a really long peplum (am I confusing my terminology again?). And we found this neat tiny plaid fabric that picks up both the green and the brown, and mixes with a little gold, and that will be cut up into strips and used as trim. There will also be a ruffle of the chocolate fabric along the bottom of the skirt, to tie it in. And we bought over 9.5 yds of the brown (it was only $3.50/yd!) so if she ever wants a matching skirt, I can make her one.

I also helped out in the Lyric costume shop this weekend, for the HMS pinafore costumes, putting together a couple navy jackets. And I got to pick out the TV patterns that will be used for my costume. :) By the way, everyone should come see it! We run the first two weekends in Oct. More info can be found here.

Overall, though, I guess that's why I'm feeling backburnered. And now that I'm working, and I have rehearsals, I have less time to myself anyway. But I will be going back to Jane as soon as the fish doublet is done. I'm itching to redo that eyelet trim.

But on a more exciting note, I'm planning to go to my first ever BAERS dance party this week! And I will be helping out at the Ardenwood Farm Ren Faire this weekend.