September 11th, 2011

Finished Doublet

I finished the doublet commission, and handed it off Friday night. It fit him perfectly! I took a quick pic of it on him at the time, and will be taking more pictures at the norcal ren faire next weekend.

It is all made of corduroy, with the doublet lined in that heavyweight cotton that's kind of one step down from canvas (forgetting the name of it). It has toggles and leather loops up the front, and every fish tail has two bells on it. I also embroidered eyes on the fish collar, which closes with hooks and eyes.

Right after I handed off the doublet, I scurried off to the BAERS dance party. It was so much fun! I'm going to try to keep going every time, and maybe check out some other country dance events in the area.

And yesterday, I helped out with the Battling Tops booth at the Ardenwood Ren Faire. I had fun helping out, but the faire itself was a little bit of a let down. It seemed like a good size when I was walking in, but when I had a chance to wander around and check everything out, I found that the majority of the booths were not vendors, but just little encampents of people talking quietly amongst themselves. There also only seemed to be a couple stages. I have to say, though, the joust was really very good. It felt much more real than the show the jousting company that travels around the east coast puts on, so I was pleasantly surprised.

But I must say, between the regency dancing and walking around all day at faire, my legs are so sore I'm walking like Jack Sparrow!