September 24th, 2011

Finished spats

I've done very little sewing in the last two weeks. In fact, all I did last week was to remove the eyelet trim from the Jane petticoat and whipstitch it onto the skirt. And all I did this week was to fix my mom's Edwardian blouse sleeves so they would have more pouf, and make a pair of calf-high spats for Jane. I think I managed an average of 30 mins/day of sewing, between Pinafore rehearsals and work. But we open a week from tomorrow!

So anyway, here are the spats. They fit wonderfully, so hopefully that means they'll stay up on my legs! They're made of one layer of cotton canvas, with cotton twill tape for underneath the foot, and they button up the sides.

I'm still looking for that elusive wooden crook-handled yellow umbrella. I think I'm going to wind up buying this white one, in the hopes that I can dye it yellow. And possibly put some of the eyelet trim around the edges.

Halloween is almost here!

Safeway has already put their pumpkins out for Halloween, and while I usually wait to decorate until October, I figured one week early wouldn't kill me. So I bought and painted my first pumpkin of 2011 today! I wanted to go for a pseudo-Victorian feel, so I went with a silhouette theme. All four sides were painted free-hand, and I used a paper doily to get the lace effect on the top.