October 3rd, 2011

I have more time again!

Tech week is over, and we've had our opening weekend for HMS Pinafore (which went swimmingly), so that means I have time to work on Jane again! I also finished off a commissioned pair of parti-colored pants to match the fish doublet last week, which was where the already non-existent sewing time I had went.

So at this point, I have cut out all my bodice pieces for Jane, in both the lining and the linen. I hope to put them together tonight, but we'll see. And my umbrella came today! I wound up ordering this white cotton one. A giant box arrived on my doorstep today, and lo and behold, it contained my umbrella (it easily could have fit 20+ umbrellas). The umbrella itself is a little larger than I would have liked, but I have to make concessions somewhere. It has the nice wooden crook handle I wanted, and because it's cotton, it should hopefully be easily dyeable. I will almost certainly be dyeing it this evening, assuming I get home from work before it gets dark outside. I'm also still planning to put the eyelet trim along the edges, to match my skirt.

In other news, I was cast in another show, Almost, Maine, which will begin rehearsals the day after Pinafore closes. I'm excited to do another straight play, but I better get working on my memorization! And for any of you who live in the Bay Area, come see our second and final weekend of HMS Pinafore. We have four shows left, and you can purchase tickets at a discounted rate if you use the code "never."