October 7th, 2011

Quick peek of Jane

I spent a bit of time on Tues (since there wasn't any rain) dyeing my umbrella. It seems to have come out pretty darn perfectly! I am probably going to be adding the eyelet trim to it as well, but I haven't tested it out yet. I also have pretty much finished my bodice for Jane. I have one button more to put on, plus I have to replace one that has already broken. And I think I might take in the back a tiny bit more by the arms. Of course, since my corset is at the theatre right now, I only have a picture of it from a few days ago, which was pre-darts and buttons. I'll hopefully have a bit more time to sew on Saturday.

And because I know these pictures are somewhat lackluster, and you're probably getting tired of hearing of my super slow Jane progress, I present you with a picture of Teddy!