October 11th, 2011

Sleevil Help

I have sleevil problems. Please help me! All my pictures of where I am right now are under the cut, but basically, I've made three different sleeves so far. The first one was a three piece sleeve with a pouf on top of a two-piece sleeve. I hated it, so I scrapped it. Number 2 is a standard two piece sleeve with a gathered head, but it's pulling weirdly near the back of the armpit. Number 3 is just a one-piece sleeve with a gathered head, though it (like #2) is being very pointy up by the gathers.

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My main questions are, how to I get rid of the pointy gathers up at the top, and, if I go with the two piece sleeve, what do I do to make it stop pulling at the back of the armpit?