October 16th, 2011

Almost There!

Jane is nearing completion. All that's left at this point is the over bustle drape, finishing the edges of the sleeves (I haven't decided what I'm doing to them yet), and adding a tiny hook and eye to the front of the collar. I also decided to bite the bullet, and ordered a pretty, new $25 pith helmet, because I realized I'm just not happy with the $2 straw one I found. So when that arrives, I'll finish up the purple band on it. I've already finished the edges of the band - I'll just need to figure out the length. And if I can find eyelet trim that matches what I have on the skirt hem, I'll add it to the umbrella. In any case, it has to all be ready for a Halloween party on the 21st!

I'm really tempted to make something regency for the Queen of Naples Ball on the 22nd. So it's probably a good thing that I'm not done with Jane yet, or else I might actually try, and wind up going crazy. I'll just wear my chemise a la reine.

Oh. And I've decided to go trick-or-treating. If I'm dressed up, they have to give me candy, right? :)