October 18th, 2011

Soooo close!

As a quick update, Jane is done, except for tacking up the sleeves so it looks like I've rolled them up. And I found eyelet trim that I like for the umbrella, so I'm hand-sewing it on. I finished about 1/4 of it tonight. The pith helmet was marked as shipped today, so hopefully it will get here before Friday. Other than that, I just have to try everything on, and makes sure all the pieces fit me at the same time, since I've only tried each piece on separately. Oh. And I have to replace one more of those stupid fabric-covered buttons that keep breaking! I hope to be able to do some pictures tomorrow.

But I'm still sooo tempted to do an overgown for my chemise a la reine for Saturday, just so I feel a little more regency. Something like this would be nice, but I know I don't have time, even if I do have a few hours tomorrow and most of Friday. Instead, I'm going to decorate the pretty little ballet flats I got at Walmart and make them a bit more regency looking with some paint and ribbon

Opinions please!

I started decorating my "regency" shoes today. They will also have blue ribbons in place of the current white ties, as well as ribbons lacing up the ankle. But the question is, should I make them polka-dotted? Striped? Something else? Or just leave them white with the blue edging.

Also, Teddy was attacked by a spider today. He took it quite well.