October 29th, 2011

It's getting a little colder

Though not much, since I live in CA. But my fingers were cold enough on Thursday that I decided it was time to make a muff (in order to ease me back into sewing now that Jane is done. This always happens to me!)

I made an inner muff out of two pieces of muslin, with the sheets of fiberfill-ish stuffing (everything in this project came from stash, most of which I was given, or found for super cheap originally). Then I made two covers. On Thursday, I made a black velvet cover with black and white music note ribbon, and on Friday, I made a white furry cover with navy sparkly wired ribbon. I loved how super quick this project was!

I also started crocheting again. For some reason, I only seem to be able to crochet in fall and winter.

And I started carving a pumpkin for Halloween. It's my first time ever doing relief carving, and I did it totally freehand, mostly using clay tools. I still need to shave out a little more of the pumpkin from the inside, so that the light shines through a little better. Somehow, I managed to find the thickest, heaviest pumpkin ever - it has to be at least 2" thick. And the decorations are almost all up. We do a haunted hallway every year, and that still has to be put up, but all the non-electrical outdoor stuff is done except a couple of hanging bats and spiders.