November 16th, 2011


I haven't posted in forever because I've done almost no sewing. The week after Halloween, (which I still need to post pics from, I know), I volunteered at the Rengstorff House Haunted House, for which I made a nice new black lace cap, based on the new Butterick pattern. Someday, I hope to even post pics! I also re-hemmed my 1860s black plaid skirt, since I wasn't going to be wearing my hoops. And I remember it being too long for dancing at Dickens last year, even with my hoops.

Then this week, I started on patterning and mocking up a bodice for my mom to wear to Dickens. It will be brown faux silk (I'm adding a ruffle of the same fabric to the hem of her skirt), with a long peplum and pagoda sleeves. It's loosely based off the same Simplicity pattern that I used for my Dickens outfit last year. I tried the mockup on her tonight, and it needed very little alteration, so I hope to get the bodice cut out soon. Of course, that said, I've been in tech this week for Almost, Maine (come see the show!), and we have our first preview tomorrow night. So sewing time has been pretty darn slim.

I also, last week, managed to somehow find all the fabric (and then some) that I need for my pink striped early bustle candy dress. Again, I need to post pics of the sketches and swatches, but for now, a quick description - I'm making an 1869 "apron" style dress. Three tiers of ruffles on the skirt, big butt bow, and all. And it will be almost entirely out of various pink, pink and white, and white striped fabric. I'm really excited for it.

I'll try to post pics of everything I've been up to soon, but again, between nannying and my show, I have very little time. I've also been cast in Pirates of Penzance, at the same theatre I did HMS Pinafore with, but luckily that won't start rehearsals until Jan.