December 7th, 2011

I slipped up.

On my efforts at avoiding adding fabric to the stash that's not earmarked for an immediate project, that is. Thanks to mandie_rw and reine_de_coudre, I succumbed to the wool sale. I've always wanted to work with wool, but other than one cloak from a few years ago, I've never been able to afford it. So I kind of slipped up this time. A lot. Like, I bought 23 yards of wool. But the whole thing was only $89.79! That's less than $4/yd, people! (search for discount codes online)

I bought navy wool for the Victorian bathing suit I plan to make by CosCol next year; and a bunch of red wool and a little ivory wool for an 18th c riding habit; and more red wool (the other type they have available) for a cloak (I hope it's a heavy enough weight!); and a neat navy and gold striped wool that I will probably turn into an 18th c riding habit jacket. I did it in two separate purchases so I could a "second" discount code. :)

So now I'm going to have way more fabric than I know what to do with, or where to store, or how to move it all up to Seattle in the spring. But I finally get to work with wool!