December 5th, 2012

Bodice Update

I decided to flat-line the bodice. Though after pressing all the seams open, I'm seriously debating about lining it as well. I think the next step will be tackling the sleevil, which I'm sure will occur with this project because of those long fitted 1780's sleeves. Or I might just put those off for now, and do the waistcoat instead.

No pictures yet, but I have the stays and bodice back on my pillow form. I wish they would fit on Antoinette!

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Silk linings

I think I want to line the habit. And possibly the waistcoat, too. (The waistcoat is ivory worsted wool on the outside, and will be flatlined with cotton twill, like the habit bodice.) I will also be using the same fabrics as the riding habit to make an 18th c-infused modern winter jacket.

The question is, do I use habotai, crepe de chine, charmeuse, or something entirely different?