December 28th, 2012

The Historical Sew Fortnightly

I think I'm going to go ahead and attempt some of the Historical Sew Fortnightly challenges. Or at least, the ones that match up somewhat with what I was going to make anyway. Deadlines are good for me!

For challenge #0 (the bonus challenge), to make something quick and small by Dec 31st, I'm going to make the petticoat for my robe a la turque. I've done enough of those that it should come together quickly, which is good, since I don't get home until tomorrow night, and won't have any chance to sew until Saturday night after work.

I don't think I'm going to do challenge #1, the one where the year ends in '13. I could potentially try to pick up my teens evening gown again, but I don't need that one, whereas I do need the riding habit and robe a la turque done. The closest thing I could fudge for this challenge is my mom's Edwardian jacket, though I really think it's more 1903-05, if not earlier.

For challenge #2, UFO, I would love to finish some of my mending. I have four pieces in need of mending, dating back all the way to CosCol, which have just been sitting on my sewing table gathering dusk.

For challenge #3, Under it All, I plan to make a new pair of bloomers. I know they're not H/A, but I wear them with all my historical garments, and my current pair (which dates back to 2007, I think?) is starting to get holey.

I'm not sure I understand challenge #4 - is it just to embellish an already finished garment? In any case, I have a feeling I won't wind up doing that one...

Challenge #5 is Peasants and Pioneers. I won't be taking part, since I really only have pretty things on my plate. The least fancy thing I've been debating on is to possibly join the curtain-along, and make a pierrot jacket and colored quilted petticoat. It's not due till the beginning of March, and by then I should have both the robe a la turque and riding habit finished. I do have my 17th c gown to do for CosCol this year, though, but I have quite a bit of time till that needs finishing.

For challenge #6, Stripes, I would like to do a mockup of a regency corset. What? My corset mockup fabric is striped! If by some small chance I actually manage to finish that mockup before March 25th, then I may do a regency dress, for which I believe I picked up a white on white striped fabric last year. 

Challenge #7 is Accessorize, due April 9th. I would really really love to have the Victorian button boots done by then, but I'm not even quite sure where to start, so who knows if that can actually happen. Here's hoping!