December 30th, 2012

Project #0

I started on the robe a la turque petticoat after work today. I washed the fabric, cut it, serged the edges, and assembled the pieces. It's such a lightweight fabric that I'm doing four panels instead of my usual two, so it will hopefully have a lot of nice pouf. Tomorrow, I'm going to pleat it all up and attach the waist tapes (note to self: buy waist tapes). I'd like to finish it, minus the hem (which as usual I don't plan to do yet) by tomorrow night. I was originally thinking of adding a ruffle to this petticoat, but now that there's going to be so much fabric in it anyway, I'm not so sure. Plus, I don't get my discount at work until Jan 10th, and I would need a new pinking sheers if I'm going to do a ruffle.


Also, I hate Downton Abbey. That Christmas special was just plain cruel.


Challenge Complete

I love 18th c petticoats. They're so quick and easy!

And a close-up so you can see the weave of the stripes. The fabric is either a poly or poly-blend, probably intended for window sheers. I found it in the back corner of Home Fabrics in the LA fabric district at CosCol this year. It's 120" wide, and between  llyrafantasyfae and I, we split the entire bolt.

And now it's decision time - to do a ruffle, or not to do a ruffle? And do I want to make the under bodice parts (the long sleeves and the stomach area of the zone front) out of this fabric, or just a plain white? The rest of the robe will be a "silk-blend" blueish-periwinkle-ish taffeta. Any opinions?