January 29th, 2013


No UFO completion for me. Or at least, not really. I did initially say I would do mending as my ufo, but in my mind, I had changed that to the riding habit (or at least the jacket part). Technically, I did actually do a little mending! I bought a fur stole off of ebay that I had intended to cut and make into a fur muff. But it was just too pretty! So instead, I stitched up the three tears in the fur, and now it's wearable! And pretty! And soft! And apparently I really like fur now. (Only vintage - I would never buy a new fur).

On the other hand, I didn't do any of the mending I had originally intended, and the riding habit jacket is pretty much nowhere near completion. At this point, the skirts have been pleated to the bodice, the collar is/was finished, but has not been attached (mostly because when I went to attach it, I found I had cut it too long, so now I need to adjust it...), and the sleeves are sewn together but not attached. And then of course there's all the trimming. Pretty sure I'm not going to have it done for the portrait sitting I'm doing next Friday, either. I've just been feeling so unproductive and unmotivated this week!

In past news, I had an absolutely wonderful time at the 18th c card party last Saturday. The pictures from my camera can be found at this facebook album (let me know if you can't see them - I have no clue what my privacy settings are anymore). Everyone looked gorgeous, and it was lovely to meet new people, and catch up with the few people I already knew. Here's a quick teaser:

Here's a couple additional pics of the completed Robe a la Turque.

And here's my mink!

This week, I'm looking forward to joining at least one of the ladies from last Saturday's card party at an Austen-based Improv Show, where I will be dressed up in my pseudo-Regency Chemise a la Reine. :)